Central ingredient - an all-rounder for a wide range of applications.

What makes leaf gelatine so indispensable?

Blackberry pudding

Infinite possibilities.

Leaf gelatine is absolutely indispensable, not just for home cooks, even internationally renowned chefs highly value leaf gelatine, also because it is completely odorless and free of flavor. As a result: you can use it to bind fluids without changing or influencing the food's taste. And that opens up endless culinary possibilities.

Excellent gelling.

Leaf gelatine is a true all-rounder. Hardly any other product can be used as variably. Leaf gelatine has wide-ranging properties: it binds, gels and stabilizes. Alternative products can usually only do one of them really well. Starch, for example. Although it binds, it doesn't gel. Agar also forms only little gel. Leaf gelatine, by contrast, makes for excellent gelling, is a cinch to use, and guarantees excellent results.

Wide range of options.

Leaf gelatine is also indispensable because it is available in so many varieties and for almost every requirement. In addition to colorless, it is also available as red leaf gelatine. The only difference is the natural colorant that is added to it during production. With red leaf gelatine, fruit jellies or berry pies look even better. In order to meet all religious requirements, leaf gelatine is also available as 100% halal and kosher certified bovine gelatine.