Passion Rosé

You'll need:

(For 4 persons)

New: For 12 persons! Recipe and photo by Natalia Arevalo

500 gram

White chocolate for Heart Shells

Pink cocoa butter, white cocoa butter, red cocoa butter

Joconde Cake

170 gram

Whole eggs

115 gram

Powder sugar

25 gram

Egg whites

55 gram

Caster sugar

120 gram

Almond flour

60 gram

Cake flour

Rose Champagne Mousse

225 gram

Rose champagne

5 sheets

Gelatine leaves (GELITA)

150 gram

Swiss meringue

300 gram

Whipped cream (medium pick)

Rose Champagne Gelée

150 gram

Champagne rose

20 gram


1 sheet

Gelatine leaves (GELITA)

Swiss Meringue

250 gram


160 gram

Egg whites

Berries compote

250 gram


100 gram

Raspberries and 100 gram Blueberries

80 gram


1 each

Limes zest

1 gram

All spices


  • Step 1

    White Chocolate heart shells

    1.    Temper chocolate according to brand’s instructions. Paint the polycarbonate molds with cocoa butter (red, pink, white) let it cool down.
    2.    Fill the chocolate mold.
    3.    Use a bench scraper to tap the side of the mold. This gets the chocolate to drop all the way into the depression.
    4.    Remove excess chocolate, turn the mold upside-down and tap some more on the side of it with your bench scraper. A layer of chocolate will remain, coating each depression, and the rest should come raining out.
    5.    Scrape. Run your bench scraper along the inverted mold to remove any remaining excess chocolate.
    6.    Cool down until chocolate sets.
    7.    Unmold

  • Step 2

    Joconde Cake

    1.    Preheat a convection oven to 180°C.
    2.    Line a half sheet pan with a nonstick rubber mat.
    3.    Whip whole eggs and powder sugar until ribbon stage. Reserve
    4.    Make a French meringue with the egg whites and the caster sugar and fold in the whipped egg mix.
    5.    Sift almond flour and cake flour.
    6.    Fold in the egg mixture. Spread onto a half sheet pan. Bake for about 10/12 minutes at 180°C
    7.    Cool to room temperature and cut.

  • Step 3

    Rose Champagne Mousse

    1.    Heat rose champagne over low to medium heat. It doesn’t need to boil but it should be hot enough to dissolve the bloomed gelatin.
    2.    Bring the gelatin mixture at 32°C and add to the swiss meringue, stirring until well incorporated.
    3.    Whip the heavy cream to medium-stiff pick, then fold in the meringue-gelatine mix.
    4.    Portion and refrigerate.

  • Step 4

    Rose Champagne Gelée

    1.    Heat rose champagne and sugar over low medium heat. Take the champagne off the heat and add the bloomed gelatine. Stir until the gelatin is melted.
    2.    Cool down until 28°C and portion over the champagne mousse.

  • Step 5

    Swiss Meringue

    1.    Mix egg whites and sugar over a double boiler.
    2.    Stir often and heat to 57°C /60°C.
    3.    Remove from the heat and whip with the electric mixer on high speed until medium pick.


  • Step 6

    Berries compote

    1.    Mix everything and cook over a medium heat for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently.
    2.    Let the compote cool down.

    Plating: On one of the heart shells put a joconde cake disc and one spoon of berries compote. Fill up with the champagne mousse making sure the whole heart is covered. Scrape to make it even and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Cover with champagne gelée and refrigerate again until it sets. Decorate with fresh berries and rose petals.