Passion Fruit Pie

You'll need:

NEW! (yield 8 portions). Recipe and photo by Natalia Arevalo Approx preparation time 45 minutes.
Passion Fruit filling 370 gr evaporated milk 396 gr condensed milk 300 gr passion fruit puree 180 gr heavy cream 5,6 Sheets Gelatin (SILVER GELITA)
Graham Crust 35 gr salted butter 300 gr graham crackers
Tajin Coconut Whipped Cream 500 gr heavy cream 30 gr powdered sugar 85 gr coco lopez (sweetened coconut cream) 30 gr cream stabilizer 1 Sheet Gelatin SILVER GELITA) 2 gr tajin


  • Step 1

    Passion Fruit filling

    1.    Warm up passion fruit puree. Add bloomed gelatin and mix very well until dissolve.
    2.    Mix condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated milk.
    3.    Add the passion fruit to the milks and incorporate.
    4.    Fill up the pie shell and refrigerate until it sets.


  • Step 2

    Graham Crust

    1.    In a food processor crumble up the cookies.
    2.    Melt the butter and mix very well with the cookies.
    3.    Press the crumb mixture into the prepared pie pan (22cm D) and really press the crust down.
    4.    Bake at 175°C for about 12 minutes. Cool down.

  • Step 3

    Tajin Coconut Whipped Cream

    1.    Warm up coco lopez, add bloomed gelatin and mix well.
    2.    Add the rest of the ingredients, mix and refrigerate until cold.
    3.    Whip in the mixer until stiff pick. Refrigerate.

    To assemble: Unmold the pie and put it on a plate. Garnish with some passion fruit on top, then make quenelles with the Tajin cream and place them around the pie. Sprinkle with shredded coconut and Tajin.