How gelatine leaves work

Leaf gelatine in 3 easy steps. Soak, squeeze, dissolve.

When time is short

Processing gelatine - Easy as ABC:


Simply soak in cold water, allow to swell for 10 minutes, squeeze out excess water, dissolve in a liquid then stir into food. Done!

If you observe the three golden rules while doing so, nothing can go wrong:



Don't boil the leaf gelatine. This removes their gelling properties.




Don't freeze gelatine mass. This prevents it from gelling.




After squeezing out, add a small amount of the liquid to the gelatine leaves and stir until smooth. Only then add the remaining liquid.


For sticklers for details

Processing gelatine step by step:



All done. And now?

Now the whole thing just has to be cooled, but not in the freezer. Because that prevents gelling and your mousse, terrine, or soup will not have the desired consistency.

Always plan in enough time in advance so your food can set in the refrigerator in peace!

Fresh dessert

Our tip

Wherever possible prepare the dessert for your next party the night before. Then it can set overnight in peace - and you can relax and look forward to your guests the next day.