Healthy indulgence - a natural product for a healthy diet.

Why is leaf gelatine so healthy?

Proteins from nature.

Anyone who has ever cooked broth knows that a layer of gel forms on the liquid after cooling. If this fat is removed, it leaves behind a semi-solid substance, which consists of proteins: the main constituent of leaf gelatine.


Protein for the body.

With a protein content of up to 90%, leaf gelatine is a valuable source of protein and contributes to a conscious and healthy diet. Because our body requires protein even more than carbohydrates and fats. It needs it to maintain the immune system, regenerate tissue, transport oxygen and produce hormones or transmit nerve impulses. Without protein, nothing works as it should. Lucky for our body that leaf gelatine contains so much of it.

Amaretti foam

Energy for life.

More and more people are paying attention to a healthy diet and opting for foods with low fat, sugar and calories. Leaf gelatine is bang up to date with current trends because, as a pure protein, leaf gelatine contains neither fat, carbohydrates nor cholesterol. It is therefore ideal for preparing low-fat dishes and low calorie desserts. In accordance with the motto "less is more", leaf gelatine is perfect for a light and easy life.