Pinky Bunny Nest

You'll need:

New: 10 Pax! Recipe and photo by Natalia Arevalo Approximately Prep Time 3.5 hours
Pink Chocolate Shell 1kg Dark Chocolate 54% Pink Cocoa Butter
Dulce De Leche Mousse 240 gram Dulce De Leche 100 gram Goat Milk 420 gram Heavy cream 4 sheets Gelatine Leaves (GELITA Silver)
Chai Gelée 250 gram Water 4 each Chai (Tea Bags) 8 gram Sugar 4 Sheets Gelatine Leaves (GELITA Silver)
Candied Pecans 150 gram Pecans 75 gram Sugar 1 gram Salt


  • Step 1

    Pink Chocolate Shell

    1. Temper chocolate according to brand’s instructions. Paint the polycarbonate molds with the pink cocoa butter, let it cool down.

    2. Fill the chocolate mold.

    3. Use a bench scraper to tap the side of the mold. This gets the chocolate to drop all the way into the depression.  

    4. Remove excess chocolate, turn the mold upside-down and tap some more on the side of it with your bench scraper. A layer of chocolate will remain, coating each depression, and the rest should come raining out.

    5. Scrape. Run your bench scraper along the inverted mold to remove any remaining excess chocolate.

    6. Cool down until chocolate sets.

    7. Unmold

    Chocolate Nest

    1. Put tempered chocolate in a pastry bag.

    2. In a big bowl with water and crushed ice, make circles with tempered chocolate. Wait about 10 seconds and remove from the water.

    3. Keep in the cooler.


  • Step 2

    Dulce De Leche Mousse

    1. Heat up goat milk and dulce de leche over a double boiler and mix until well incorporated.

    2. Add the bloomed gelatin, stir until the gelatin dissolves.

    3. Remove from the heat and cool down at 32°C.

    4. Whip the heavy cream to medium stiff-peak, then fold in the dulce de leche mix.

    5. Portion and refrigerate.

  • Step 3

    Chai Gelée

    1. Boil water and sugar remove from the heat add tea bags.

    2. Cover with plastic wrap for about 5 minutes. Strain.

    3. Add bloomed gelatin, mix until dissolve.

    4. Portion in a square mold 12cm x 9.5cm, storage in the cooler until set.

    5. Cut in cubes.

  • Step 4

    Candied Pecans

    1. In a sauce pan on a medium heat toast the pecans.

    2. Add the sugar little by little.