Coffee Float Gelatine Cubes

Approximately Prep 50 minutes

You'll need:

Coffee Cubes gram 500ml Water 75gr Sugar 16.5 gr Gelatin leaves (SILVER GELITA) 22gr Instant coffee
Condensed Milk Panna Cotta 500gr Heavy cream 45gr Sugar 11gr Gelatin leaves (SILVER GELITA) 200gr condensed milk
Chocolate sauce 60gr Chocolate 55% cacao 120gr Heavy cream


  • Step 1

    1. Warm up water and sugar. Remove from the heat, add instant coffee and bloomed gelatin. Mix and dissolve.

    2. Portion in a rectangular mold (10cm x 15cm), cool down and refrigerate until it sets. Unmold and cut in cubes (1.5cm x 1.5cm), put about 2 spoons in each glass cup.

  • Step 2

    1. Heat up heavy cream and sugar. Remove from the heat, add bloomed gelatin and mix well until dissolve.

    2. Add condensed milk and mix. Portion in glass cups over the coffee gelatine cubes. Make sure the mixture is not hot to prevent the coffee gelatine from melting. Refrigerate.

  • Step 3

    Warm up heavy cream and add little by little to the chopped chocolate. Mix very well until incorporated. Cold down and drizzle the set panna cottas with this sauce.